About Us

At Shale Markets, LLC., our main focus is Oil & Gas News. We have a process that has allowed us to catalog and categorize over 5000 news stories in the month of August alone. We add keywords, push the news to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Our goal is to provide a place that makes it easy for people to find and read about the news that concerns them.

As a result of the popularity of our news, we are close to hitting 1 Million page views in a month. To supplement the reading experience, we have designed a smart banner ad system that shows the readers banners that are more closely related to the articles they are reading. See our Advertising page for more info.

Due to our experience in the Safety arena, we also have an Oil & Gas Safety Division.  We do Safeland, and just about any other oil and gas related training throughout the US.  We also help companies to prepare for audits, and we sit through the audits with them to assure that they get the highest score possible.  For more information on our Safety Services, Click Here.

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