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One Of The Best Plays In Argentinian Shale Right Now

Article Abstract: Argentina is home to some of the largest shale oil and gas reserves in the world, and it has some of the best chances to be the first country to replicate the U.S. shale revolution outside of North America. International investment has been tricky in Argentina since the country has largely been locked…

North Dakota refuses to flinch as OPEC keeps output high

Article Abstract: [Reuters] – Oil executives in North Dakota, a center of the U.S. shale revolution, say OPEC made a questionable bet when it decided on Friday to stick with a policy that aims to push higher cost American producers out of the market by keeping output high. Here, in the top U.S. oil state…

Kemp: US Shale And OPEC, The Altered Balance Of Power

Article Abstract: Two landmark events this month will underscore the extent to which the oil market’s balance of power has been transformed by the shale revolution, according to analyst John Kemp. from Rigzone.com: Latest News Headlines Click Here To Read Full Article Visit Rigzone.com: Latest News Headlines for more great articles.