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Rystad Energy: Offshore O&G has tremendous room for growth

Rate this article By _Offshore_Energy_Today_ Offshore continues to thrive and has much to offer in the future despite oil price downturns and the shale revolution, according to Norwegian oil and gas intelligence firm Rystad Energy. … Read Full Article Here For more great articles: Offshore Energy Today

Commentary: Witnessing the ongoing transformation of the oil and gas industry

Rate this article By Offshore Energy Today The offshore industry is experiencing rapid change as companies have scaled down projects, introduced strict standards for facilities and equipment and optimized project design By Alessandro Blasi Senior Programme Officer The last few years have been particularly challenging for the oil and gas industry. From the natural gas…

Hess: Deepwater at rock bottom, but there are exceptions

Rate this article By Offshore Energy Today Much has been said about the shale revolution and the low oil prices effects during the first day of the CERAWeek conference in Houston. On the other hand, not so much attention was given to the offshore part of the industry. This was also acknowledged by John Hess,…

Shale Oil Down But Not Out

Rate this article Article Abstract: The shale revolution is on hold as a global oversupply of oil and low prices continue to haunt producers. Related: OPEC Challenges Bakken Shale Drillers In December, OPEC announced that it would not decrease production in order to curb the falling price of crude. OPEC continued this strategy throughout the year, which…

U.S. Shale Drillers Running Out Of Options, Fast

Rate this article Article Abstract: Much has been made about the impressive gains in efficiency and productivity in the shale patch, as new drilling techniques squeeze ever more oil and gas out of new wells. But the limits to such an approach are becoming increasingly visible. The U.S. shale revolution is running out of steam….

Kemp: OPEC has Stalled the Shale Revolution

Rate this article Article Abstract: The resilience of US shale producers has surpassed all expectations as they have wrung extra efficiencies out of their operations and pulled rigs back to prolific areas. from Rigzone.com: Latest News Headlines Click Here To Read Full Article Visit Rigzone.com: Latest News Headlines for more great articles.

Can The Panama Canal Fulfill Its Global LNG Promise?

Rate this article Article Abstract: After delays, strikes, and cost overruns, the Panama Canal expansion is finally set to open in April 2016. But the global energy landscape has changed in the eight years since construction began, with opportunities first expanding and now, potentially, contracting. The question today is whether the new canal can still…