Safety PreQual Assistance Service

Imagine what your company can accomplish if you can get your ISNetworld® certification submitted within 72 hrs, and then be guaranteed to have your company profile placed in front of some of the big players in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Shale Markets, with the help of our partner – Safety Services Company™, can make this happen.  And you would be astonished at how inexpensive it is to do this.  Whether you are already in the O&G Industry, or are looking for a fast track to get in, you need to contact us (use form below) as soon as possible to take advantage of this unique time in the industry where new businesses are desperately needed to enter the Industry.

Services Offered

HSE Manuals
Through our manual service we will craft a company specific policy meeting RAVS® or other requirements of the owner clients you are trying to work for.

Training Documentation (T-RAVS®)
Through our training documentation service we will determine training needed, provide training documents and upload all documentation.

Questionnaire Process
Through our Questionnaire Process we will complete all 2200 questions matching your HSE, eliminate all discrepancies in Gap Report and upload all insurance and statistical documents.

Account Maintenance
Through our account maintenance program we will monitor your account and make needed changes to ensure a maximum compliance score.

ISN®,PEC™, PICS™, CanQual™

Let our Global Compliance Solutions team help save your company money by fulfilling your 3rd party auditor & owner client requirements.

72-hour submission
In most instances our team can create & upload HSE manuals and other requirements in 72 hours or less.

Compliance guarantee
With our program we will complete all MSQ® Questionnaires, TRAVS® and monitor your account to ensure continued compliance.

5000+ Clients Working for 200+ Owner Clients

Quote from a client of Safety Services Company™:

“We had been struggling for about 6 months trying to complete our enrollment with ISNetworld®. We had a failing grade. Safety Services Company took over and in 1 week we were compliant with 100% RAVS® Safety Review and a grade of A!! ”
-Ann Dickerson
Kay Communications Inc.

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Shale Markets & Safety Services Company are independently owned companies, with no agenda other than to help get you get approved by Third-Party Prequalification Providers such as ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, PICS®,Complyworks®and CanQual®. That being said, Shale Markets & Safety Services Company are in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.


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