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Are you interested in advertising to an audience that is mostly O&G Related? Most people that visit our sites are a part of the O&G Industry. Our sites are an excellent source for marketing to this clientele.

ShaleGasNOW was first started as an educational tool for the public to learn about shale development In the United States. After being in service for four years we are happy to announce the site is completely redesigned in Web 2.0 Format to better suit the expanding industry.

Our websites dedicated to Shale Plays throughout the world. Canada to Mexico, down through South America, over to the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia & even Australia, companies are finding reserves of natural gas and natural gas liquids. With this large industry doing business it has given local businesses the opportunity to get involved with this large prosperous supply chain. is an Oil & Gas News and Events Aggregator.  We provide 30-50 news stories per weekday, and try to include as many industry events as we can find.

We  work with local businesses to promote their products and services directly to companies involved in the oil & gas supply chain.  Due to the nature of the content on our websites, our visitors are primarily interested in the Oil & Gas Industry.  There is really no other reason for them to be visiting our websites, liking our Facebook Pages, Reading our Tweets, and connecting to us on LinkedIn.

We have teamed up with other websites creating a vast network that is unmatched in the Oil & Gas World.  Working with these websites we have the ability to control a message and push that message out across various platforms. 

Our Network

Over the last four years we have come across some organizations and individuals who, when it comes to oil & gas, are simply doing the right thing. That is, sharing good information routinely to those who want it. To expand our presence and to further our mission of continuing the conversation, we have teamed up with these organizations.

Our network operates these websites with a user base that spans the U.S.  Our sites began above the Marcellus Shale but we’ve recently broken into other shale plays across the U.S. with continued expansion planned.

By partnering with these other organizations we have been able to attract new members to our sites and increase the amount of people seeing important content. It’s been a win-win for both our partners and our advertisers.

Network Stats as of March 2014

  • 166,363  page views
  • 4,566 different combinations of O&G search terms resulting in over 127,000 searches pointing to our web pages
  • 865 different combinations of O&G search terms showing up in Google Top 10 Results
  • 9,049 pages indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches
  • More than 1.9 Million Banner Impressions (Remember, targeted to the O&G Industry)


Social Analytics as of March 2014

  • Twitter
    • Retweet/Mention Reach: 8.2 Million
    • Tweet Reach: 2.9 Million
    • Total Twitter Reach for February: 11.1 Million
  • Facebook: 15,061 ‘likes’
  • LinkedIn: 2,896 Connections

Why Does This Matter?

In today’s mobile world, social media has taken a major role in getting the word out.  Companies will hire full time employees to develop a social media presence, and many companies do not come close to the numbers that we have.  Note, most of our followers are Oil and Gas professionals, thus they are a targeted audience.  We have perfected the art of Social Media Marketing, and you can benefit from that mastery by hiring us to do some of your marketing for you.

Our Marketing Packages

All packages are monthly and do not require a contract.
If you pay for 10 months in advance, you will get 2 months free. 


Package I



  • Banner ads on, &
  • 1 Press Release per quarter written by our staff and distributed through our network including Social Media, Email & Web


Package II


  • Banner ads on, &
  • 1 Press Release per month written by our staff and distributed through our network including Social Media, Email & Web (We will also give you an option to pay to have your press release distributed throughout a nationwide news network.  This is a la carte priced, and can get less expensive with a bulk purchase.)
  • A profile page on our website to help drive traffic to your site from Google/Bing/Yahoo.  Note that this page is only viewable and searchable during your subscription to this plan.  This is very powerful as it allows your company to take advantage of our high rankings in Google.  This page can have links to your website, can have links to pdf brochures, and can even have a contact form that will send you an email when filled out. This page will be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo within a couple days of creation. 


If you are an educational institution, we have a special package for you.  Please ask us for more information.

Note that we also have access to Radio, Video Production, Photography, Article Writing & Web Development that can take your marketing to a higher level.

Download our Media Kit in pdf format