About Our Buyer Sourcing Application

Our Buyer Sourcing Application is somewhat similar to a reverse auction, with some important differences. Basically, a buyer will enter the specific information pertaining to the products or services they are looking to purchase. In addition, they will be asked to provide information of the possible suppliers of what they are looking for, such as a preferred vendor list. Our team will then reach out to those suppliers provided by the buyer as well as other similar providers in our network.  We will advise the suppliers of the posted Buy Request and will then work with the parties interested in participating in the bidding process to secure the business of the buyer.  The bidding process will basically be companies providing their best price for the product or service needed.  The buyer will be able to view certain information of the sellers such as, company credentials, volume of business conducted through FrackMarkets.com and their overall profile score. When the posted Buy Request expires, the buyer will be presented a final summary containing all the information of the companies that submitted bids and the buyer can then decide which company to award their business.

There are several benefits for a business that utilizes our Buyer Sourcing Application. One of the biggest benefits is that it offers the potential for a business to save money. It will also help simplify the process of buyers to find the product or service they are looking for. In the past, businesses would have to do a lot of leg work to try to find companies to compete for their business while trying to get the lowest price.  Here, FrackMarkets.com helps with that leg work.

In conclusion, our Buyer Sourcing Application can be a great way for a business to save money on something they are in need of. These hard economic times leave some companies in search of new customers and they will do almost anything to gain their business. This may mean offering a product or services at a price a lot lower than what they have in the past. Not only can the company benefit by gaining a new customer, but the business can benefit by getting what they need at the lowest price possible.

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Our introductory annual subscription fee is $950.

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